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Truck Freight

Truck Freight


Arrange FTL trucks anywhere in the USA. Network of selected contract truckers, backhaul carriers, and specialized truckers

FTL Services

  • Cargo Van, Straight Truck, 53’ Trailer
  • Flatbed, Multi-Axles, Stretch Trailer
  • Reefer, Temp Control
  • Expedited

PLUS+ONE Specialty Service

  • Instead of using multiple LTLs, use one route truck with multiple picks and deliveries
  • Supervise Oversize/Overweight cargo from route survey , permits, to site supervision
  • Cross Border trucking: USA-Mexico
  • Analyze entire cargo movements and set up cross docks and truck routes
  • Advise on cargo packing, load securing

Tracking On-Line

Connected with driver via Smart phone for GPS Status, Delivery Order, Proof of Delivery

For actual planning,
Please check carries
Box Semi-Trailers Flatbed Semi-Trailers Straight Truck Cargo Vans
53' Dry 53' Reefer 48' Flat 48' Step 24' 14' Sprinter Vans
Length 52'6" 52'6" 37'(+11') 288" 168" 162" 50"
Width 100" 97" 102" 102" 91" 87" 52" 48"
Height 110" 101" 102" 126" 89" 77" 71" 46"
Max Weight 43500 LBS 42000 LBS 45000 LBS 43000 LBS 10000# 5000 LBS 3500# 2500 LBS
No. of Typical Pallet 30 30 28 30 12 6 4 1

(48"x48"x48"), (Swing Door Trailers), (Pallets only one layer), (Flatbed Max Cargo Size)


Select best matched service from 100 contracted LTL carriers nationwide. NTL manages all of your multiple shipments with TMS and eliminates most of your arrangement time.

The contracted LTL carriers

PLUS+ONE Specialty Service

  • LTL: 1- 5 pallet
  • CHazmat
  • Normal, Express, Guaranteed
  • NTL manages all of your shipments. Plus, access status over the web from a single centralized page. Invoice and record anytime over the web. See all past KPI reports to check NTL service.
  • USA- Mexico & Canada
  • Advice on pallet and packing to preventz damages
Trucking LTL Chart


NTL provides drayage of both import and export ocean containers at almost all ports in the USA (more than 80 CYs)

Ocean Container Dray: CY - Door

  • Dry, Reefer, Flat Rack
  • Overweight, Hazmat, Bonded

PLUS+ONE Specialty Service

  • Store products at a warehouse and deliver just in time as needed
  • Store at bonded warehouse or FTZ
  • Transload and ship to Mexico or Canada T&E
  • On-Site Supervision: loading, unloading, product check, label


From USA to Mexico Truck from Origin to Border Warehouse USA(Mexican Customs Broker) US Customs Mexico Customs Border Crossing Truck Warehouse Mexico Truck from Mexico Border to Destination
FTL Change Trailer Cargo Check Export Filing Import Filing Crossing Trucker
Trucker with US Trailer
No Change Trailer Cargo Check & Transload Trucker with Mexico Trailer
LTL LTL Trucks Cargo Check LTL Warehouse Mexican LTL Trucker
Damage Risk Delay Risk Damage Risk
From Mexico to USA Truck from Origin to Border Border Mexican Side Mexico Customs US Customs Border Crossing Truck Border USA Side Truck from USA Border to Destination
FTL Change Trailer Truckers Yard Export Filing Import Filing Crossing Trucker US Trucker Yard Trucker with US Trailer
No Change Trailer US Warehouse to transload
LTL LTL Trucks LTL Warehouse LTL Warehouse US LTL Trucker
Damage Risk Delay Risk Damage Risk

PLUS+ONE Specialty Service

  • Select best carriers in both USA and Mexico to prevent damages
  • Coordinate with border customs brokers to prevent
  • Monitor and take prompt actions to cope with problems
  • Provide cargo insurance & claim support
  • Dry van, Reefer, Flatbed